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BRAVE’s mission under the umbrella of REAL HOUSE INC., REAL HOUSE RECOVERY, INC. empowers vulnerable women, men and your adults to be the best selves they can be regardless of their circumstances. Using trauma-informed care and client-centered approach our integrated health services ensure all who come through our doors are provided a safe and healthy environment to grow and thrive as individuals, while providing them the necessary tools and resources to carve out their personal success, one day at a time. With diverse, culturally sensitive programming, facilitated by qualified skilled professionals, we ensure those in need of our help are able to receive comprehensive supportive services, tailored to their individual needs, all delivered within an integrated health system of professionals.


BRAVE is funded through the State of New Jersey VOCA Program. VOCA funds are used to ensure that crime victims are treated with fairness, compassion, and respect by the criminal justice system to prevent secondary victimization by the system.
Federal Victims of Crime Act funds are generated by assessments levied on offenders of federal crimes and are used to support services to victims of violent crimes. The VOCA Rules define a crime victim as “as a person who has suffered physical, financial or emotional harm as a result of the commission of a crime.” 28 C.F.R. § 94.102. The Rules define direct services as those efforts that

(1) respond to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims,
(2) assist victims of crime to stabilize their lives after victimization,
(3) assist victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system, and
(4) restore a measure of safety for victims of crime. Id. VOCA also seeks to encourage public and private non-profit agencies to commit other resources to victim services projects, in conjunction with federal funds, by requiring matching funds (cash or in-kind services) to achieve the program objectives.


BRAVE offers a comprehensive culturally-sensitive, survivor-centered model of intensive case management and interagency collaboration tailored for survivors of sexual crimes. Our program enhances crime victim services to better address trauma, utilize key community partners, and actively engage those for whom access to services has been a barrier; as well as address factors pertaining to victimization, trauma and substance abuse; with a focus on intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic violence (DV); sexual assault; and human trafficking. Facilitated access and retention support is maximized our tailored menu of wraparound services, and our evidence-based practices address issues key to the survival of our clients.
Under the BRAVE initiative, we provide access to safe and appropriate shelters; individual, family and group counseling; and reunite youth survivors with their families when appropriate. Further, BRAVE increases the safety, social and emotional well-being and self-sufficiency of crime victims, helping them build permanent connections with families, communities, schools and other positive social networks.


Aalia Robinson

Program Coordinator​

Janet Mack

Case Manager / Counselor





We provide 24/7 advocacy for all clients in need of these services.


BRAVE provides emergency shelter to victims of sexual assault and all levels of domestic violence.


If clients need legal support, such as restraining orders, orders of arrest, child support, etc., BRAVE connects our clients to free or low-cost legal services.


Individual, group, and family counseling is available to all BRAVE clients.


All clients are linked to a primary healthcare, and mental health care provider. If clients do not have insurance, BRAVE will work with clients to assist them with securing health care insurance.


BRAVE provide emergency transportation to clients in distress—transporting them one of our safe places. We also assist clients with transportation to required services.


Partnered with several training facilities, and community colleges, clients are provided access to a host of vocational training and degree programs, where they can earn industry-related credentials in high-need areas.


BRAVE help our clients find meaningful employment. With an onsite job developer, and partnerships with job placement agencies, clients have access to a host of diverse job placement services, including résumé writing, interviewing techniques, and dressing for success. Our job developers and partners work closely with clients to ensure they secure the career opportunity that meets their personal needs.


Real House Recovery is a licensed recovery treatment provider. All clients have access to comprehensive recovery treatment services to include intensive outpatient services, group counseling; as well as individual mental health services facilitated by licensed, qualified professionals.






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